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Voted the most affordable and best bulk Text Messaging service in the world. With our competitors charging on Average 5 cents a text message you save over 3 cents on each contact you reach out to. If you are sending over 10,000 texts a month thats over $300.00 in savings each month, over $3,600 a year and over $288,000 over an average life time that you will be saving by mass texting with us.

Communicating to your customers by dialing away is a very inefficient way to do business and can become prohibitevely expensive. Whether your a mortgage company, sports handicapper, debt collector, or night club there is nothing better than a mobile text to the ones your marketing to. With our service you are certainly going to increase brand awareness, sales, and your return on investment.

Multi-channel marketing is the number one most efficient way to reach out to your customers in todays ever growing mobile society. We are creating pocket sized computers that can make phone calls right in the palms of our hands and its important for you to be able to reach out to your clients or potential customers in a fast and easy manner. Trumpia, BoomText, and EzTexting are all great services but none of them can provide you the pricing we do. Not only are we affordable but we are the cheapest price around. Get started today by signing up above.

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